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Until the year 2028 (?) I will be writing at least one review per week (could be an oldie or something new). I do have a list of 260 favorite songs and 260 favorite films. I will use a random number generator to decide which film to view, which song to listen to. New releases (at least 4 a month), physical media, guest contributions from friends and more will also be available too!

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For the next 5 years I will be writing about favorite films and songs. I have a list of 260 favorite songs, 260 favorite films. In addition, there are new film reviews, physical media features and guest contributors too!


RT-approved film writer/podcaster (director's club + chicago film critics association), librarian, musician, creator of 5 Years - all about favorite films + music, both old and new! guest authors, physical media reviews. I wear many hats, literally